Friday, 23 June 2017


DSR Broking 

Crude oil  - Sell on 2774  Sl above 2813 TGT will be  2738

R1 - 2813                            S1 - 2738
R2 - 2855                            S2 - 2710
R3 - 2925                            S3 - 2650

Trend updated for-Jun/23/2017.CMP-2776 Overall trend of the Crudeoil is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Crudeoil is in strong downtrend with good momentum but volume is unsatisfactory The open interest is not increasing with trend . Noting point is selling at lower levels seems decreasing. The Crudeoil is now trading in oversold level. The Crudeoil is now trading in oversold level. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Crudeoil is in SELL position.Positionally Immediate support for Crudeoil is 2721.Resistance for the Crudeoil is 2891-2940-3065-3118-3167-3272-

Commodity trend for bearish and bull trend

DSR Broking

Gold (28629): Gold Future is trading into negative zone and traders can hold short positions until Gold Future closes above 28724 levels. Traders can initiate short positions on every rise until Gold Future closes above 28724 levels.

Silver (38220): Silver is trading into negative zone and traders can go short at every rise or hold short positions until Silver closes above 38589 levels.

Crude (2776): Crude is trading into negative zone. Traders should initiate short positions on every rise. For now traders can hold short position until Crude future closes above 2849 levels.


DSR Broking

GENESYS - Buy 186 TGT made at 210 - 222  SL Below  168

R1 - 198                        S1 - 180

R2 - 202                        S2 - 175

R3 - 208                        S3 - 170

  • This share Buy for Delivery Prospective Not to take intraday position 
  • The Shock  had entered in the bullish trend now , So buy this stock for delivery prospective
  • Technical & fundamental  strong  

UPDATED--Jun/23/2017-CMP-189.15 Currently GENESYS is in HOLD LONG position Share has crossed the high so for short term better buy above 198.5 with stop at 165.0 The oscillator is showing BUY signal .The short term buy signal is supported by 88 % indicators. 
Intraday trend-Buy above 198.5 and keep stop below 179.9 Target is 207.4 next 222.2 Below 171 trend reversal can occur and next level is 156.2 The intraday signal is BUY and it is supported by 85 % indicators. 
  • Intraday Resistance of GENESYS are 198.1 : 207 : 221.8 : 210.3 : 213.4
  • Intraday Support of GENESYS are 180.2 : 171.3 : 156.5 : 169.1 : 166.4


DSR Broking

Day Traders Currency Hit List for 23-06-2017


  • Intraday Trend- Buy is advised only above 64.819 with a stop at 64.441 Below 64.401 go for sell and put stop at 64.779

  • Intraday Trend- Buy is advised above 72.374 with a stop at 71.986 Below 71.946 go for sell

  • Intraday Trend- Buy is advised above 58.306 with a stop at 57.864 Below 57.794 go for sell

  • Intraday Trend- Buy is advised only above 82.284 with a stop at 81.537 Below 81.397 go for sell and put stop at 82.144


DSR Broking


Updated for-Jun/23/2017 Nifty - closed on a slight negative note at 9630 level .So today on upside first intra resistance is at 9674-79 level.Next resistance are at 9711-16,9751-56,9772-77,9825-30 level.On downside first support is at 9585-80 level.Next support are at 9548-43,9535-30,9508-03,9488-84,9440-35,9398-93,9332-27,9297-92,9250-45,9177-72,9129-24,9095-90,9057-52,9030-25,8976-71,8933-29,8860-55,8800-95,8750-45,8700-95,8672-67,8640-35,8596-91,8540-35 level. Market is in bull zone .So today for intraday on upside intra resistance are at 9679 and 9716 level and On downside be alert below 9580 and avoid all longs below 9543 level as selling may intensify below that level . 
Positional Support for NIFTY 9606 9566 9487 9420 9354 9172 8790 and positional Resistance for NIFTY is 9654 .
  • Intraday Resistance of NIFTY are 9674.4 : 9711.2 : 9777.8 : 9798.3
  • Intraday Support of NIFTY are 9585.6 : 9548.8 : 9483.4 : 9463.1

Positional Support for BANKNIFTY - 23545 23505 22837 22740 22523 22229 21593 20246 and positional Immediate resistance for BANKNIFTY is 23946.
  • Intraday Resistance of BANKNIFTY are 23847.6 : 23940.2 : 23967.8 : 24000
  • Intraday Support of BANKNIFTY are 23624.6 : 23532 : 23505.6 : 23473.7

Thursday, 22 June 2017


DSR Broking 

Copper - Buy 367.80 TGT Made at 372 - 374 SL Below 365.80

R1 - 373.80                     S1 - 364.50
R2 - 378.05                     S2 - 358.60
R3 - 387.10                     S3 - 349.50

  • Copper is now trade in bull run , So don't sell the copper. BUY on every dips.

Trend updated for-Jun/22/2017.CMP-370 Overall trend of the Copper is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Copper is moving sideways The oscillator is showing SELL signal .In last 1 month volatality is very less Buy the Copper above 379 or buy with strict stop at 358. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Copper is in HOLD SHORT position.Positionally Support for the Copper is 368-367-365-.Resistance for the Copper is 373-380-

Some Sentiment bad for oil price , Or some good for oil price to move up

DSR Broking

Crude oil is not going down hence, Nigeria and libya also started the oil production 

Increasing production from Libya and Nigeria is an easy culprit for the most recent drop, but this explanation is insufficient since both countries have telegraphed these increases for the better part of a year. These increases were clearly presented at the May OPEC meeting and the market accounted for them at that time. News in June of gradual production increases (Libya +50,000 bpd and Nigeria + 62,000 bpd in August) should not cause a sudden price drop of this magnitude.


Note:- The crude oil Supply more grew in 2018. But OPEC County will not take action to cut the output 

Bad  OR Good things for crude oil prices 

OPEC teamed up with 10 other big producers outside the cartel to cap their production through March 2018 at roughly 1.8 million barrels a day lower than levels in October 2016.

But the IEA said the effort is taking longer than expected, in part because U.S. oil producers have come roaring back to life this year. The IEA said it expects U.S. crude supply to grow by 430,000 barrels a day this year, and will grow by 780,000 barrels a day in 2018.

  • proxy for the global oversupply—grew by 18.6 million barrels in April in industrialized nations. Those inventories were 292 million barrels higher than the five-year average, said the IEA, which advises governments on energy trends.
  • In the immediate short term, oil prices could jump on word that tropical storm Cindy has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, prompting some producers to shut down offshore rigs and the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) to stop unloading tankers.

  • Saudi Arabia reports that its oil exports dropped 3% in April and that its oil 
  •            production continues to remain below 10 million bpd.