Monday, 29 August 2016

Crude oil theme

  • Well record gas demand goes hand in hand with all time record low interest rates & easy financing for US consumers in the domestic car market (aka another BUBBLE). When that bubble pops we see lower gas demand domestically. Car dealers pushing 7/8 year car loans pushed car sales to all time highs since cash for clunkers....this pushed up gas demand naturally. More cars on road, but we are seeing signs of bubble in car loans. Used car prices going down faster too! Bye bye gasoline demand..... wink, wink Mr EIA.
  • I've been looking for sustainable signs & patterns of increasing demand for gasoline. I just don't see anything sustainable. The record gas demand is IMO correlated to record car sales...when this goes down which is already happening, we will see less demand. The demand is just not going to push up crude prices, not unless the economy improves @micro & macro levels.

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