Commodity market open tick news

Precious metals

Gold & silver 
  1. Gold and silver market will open down tick and silver will open 0.53% up . Gold and silver will move at correlation will each other . But toady gold is down and silver will up . At a friday silver will move up repeatedly at night session and gold price also recover at that time .
  2. But today will wait and watch suation in silver not in the gold price . Doesn't no why silver will open at green tick there is no physically demand on silver right now .
Crude oli 
  1. Crude oil will open at red tick .But in Friday session. crude oil price trade at green tick on Europe time . when commex open the crude oil price will repeatedly go down trend . Crude will indicated the price will go down . But crude oil Production Cut news will pull up crude oil prices . 
Base metal
  1.  Copper will trade on range .
  2. Lead will Also move on range Trend of lead in down.
  3. Nickel will move in range bound 
  4. Zinc prices will indicate move upward . But move up so lightly 190. 


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