Wednesday, 22 February 2017

ICICI Bank share, Buy for 1 year prospactive

DSR Broking - I saw the  ICICI Bank share it will so the daily movement in share up 6 Rupee . But the 1 year will prospective the share had move up to 110 - 140 rupee . So many investor
ICICI bank  have confuse in share at my point of view the ICICI Bank buy to long long run. Because the will show the Great movement upcoming in this share , So remember for that invest for the long term . Its for long trader .

                    Intraday trader - All intraday trader will Play for 6 rupee movement in this share , But one condition in Intraday movement will not constantly move upward it had also move to downward . Intraday trade more risky trade so i had suggest to buy for long run period .

ICICI - Buy 279 and the target is 400 - 420 SL Above - 249. 

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