Friday, 24 February 2017

Natural Gas Achived the Target , Nickle not Achieved the TGT

DSR Broking - Natural gas will achieve the target on that day when I get the call .I will also say on that day Had not sell it only by position on the natural gas because the natural gas will every day will come down and down that's why is reason and And also in Middle East the snow falling on that day that's why the natural gas will be plug up.And achieve the target what I have given on that day.
                              And second day the natural gas will extend the really and it will be plug to five points more . Without broking the the stop loss, Natural gas will extend the rally on next day .But Today is half trading session because on occasion of Mahashivratri that's why the market will be open on 5 o'clock And I will watch on the investing the base metal will be up 1 or 2% this metal will be very volatile into 3 days Movement .

Nickel Not achieve the target and it will hit the stop loss what I have given on that day . It is because the volatility in the market is more that's why base metal will more frequently and hit the stop loss in both side wait and watch situation in two days .

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