What will next movemeny in NIFTY ?

DSR Broking - In Yesterday the Nifty move in range 8820 - 8758 and finally will give closing at 8806. It will respect our syllogistic level that's why nifty will close at 8806 level. We will watch care fully watch the index future and and option chart.

1.     In Nifty Call  8800 there are many option righter will for add on this level . 466,500 number of person will add in this level to peson i this level 4,298,250 .
2.     And we were taking about 8700 Put level option righter will add in this level  -59,175 cut the position in this level of point total person will add in this level is 2,661,300
3   when it break the 8850 so it will gone to 8920 or in bear side 8780 it will be gone to 8712 .

So differet between in 8800 level and 8700 level is 1,636,950 . It is the major different among the put and call 


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