Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Base Metal News Boost up Today

DSR Broking -  Today metal market will boost . when china market has show the Manufaturing PMI Data is good that why base metal pack will pull to up . We compare the pre PMI vs current PMI Data
Pre- Data 51.30 and now current data will show 51.60 the change in PMI data is 0.30  . And Yesterday the base meta pack will trade on range it is a reason . Base metal will boost in prices .
  • CNY currency will give the support the base metal prices 
  • And Second reason is PMI data will also give support to the base metal prices
  • Yesterday exp and that is a also reason to pull up the prices 

                      Data will Surt the Base Metal prices Pre - 51.30  Currenrt Data is 51.60

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