Base Metal Will pull to Down And Give Morning Shock

DSR Broking - In the MCX Market all the basemetal will be open on the right tick it is reason behind on that That why  go to down . Federal Reserve say on Friday meeting the rate will be hike on  March so dollar price will be move up that's why the base metal will be pressure . Metal also move on this news also the the China GDP forecast to slow and the 2017 session the previous GDP rate of China is  6.7 and forecast 6.5 this GDP show 25 year down show in the 2017 session year that's why the base metal also pressure on this news

The Zinc price will  be continuously down to down it will start from 191 And go down 181 .45.
181.45 Current low  touching price will be moving on the range .

Trader think what ? possion Create on current market situation.I will say only buy the Zinc and copper or lerad

Zinc Buy - 182.20  TGT make 184 - 185 Sl above 181.45 today low   


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