Friday, 3 March 2017

Commodity news

DSR Broking - Precious metals on yesterday the gold and silver will drag to downward movement because the pressure give by the dollar index will up 1.20% . Thats why gold and silver plug to downward movement . It will correct only and dollar pressure technically and fundamental good . Gold move both side. But Silver move to up and it will test the level 44500 . Silver is mostly strong
then the gold .
                                Some barrier for the gold and silver to give continued pressure give by the dollar index move and next Fed rates hike . Don't be fair for this selling presser . Buy and Buy precious metal . Most of the institutions will say gold go to 20,000 level . It is not be possible to go gold on that particular level . It look like a dream , Gold not test this level this level give  In the purpose fed rate hike continue our meeting thats why mostly institution give this particular level  .
                            Why interest so most of the public inverter will sift on Bonds , and Mutual fund . But the private institution will not to forget to gold and silver it will invest regularly in gold and silver. Today US rate is 0.75 . 

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