Copper make at bottom ?

DSR Broking - Copper will made a low to low at intraday movement . I will watch the copper movement the copper will show the low a fresh intraday low so , I suggest wto those Clint who carry the position in copper cover the sell position in copper . Because Copper will make a low 2579 in MCX 381.70 . In will show in graph the both in MCX and Commex Price  The red line will show the bottom out in this level and in MCX 380.20 is showing the bottom out level .

                               The Yesterday China has show the PMI data and today CPI data the PMI data is negative fot the base metal prices and Today data has shown is positive for base metal price so green movement will show no night trading session so wait till . When commex market will open . The night mares will come and Pick up copper prices.

  • Copper will correct from 404 to 381 level . 
  • 23 point had correct in copper prices . 
  • So all the buyer supportive will ready to buy copper in this particular level 
  • Graph will meet the all doute solve your query. 



  1. When commex market will open . The night mares will come and Pick up copper prices.Epic Research

    1. But at yesterday the copper price will go down and doesn't sustain at 356 level . what will think about that

      Mandakini jain


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