Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nifty will break the 9200 level today

Nifty today will break 9200 levels because it has happened because of Modi win elections in four states.That's why the market will be very heavy today.Nifty will open at a gap up opening or make high 9200 fresh level . Which is happening after 2 years Some people will be in the mind to book or book profit or it will not be a profit book, nor book a profit, nor keep a check of weight and watch today because the Next Day Federal Reserve is meeting, therefore keep wait and watch situation . Some

people book 50% profit or rest 50% carry or hold the position . The market can also go up for what because many institutions have said that the Nifty will touch the level of 9350. I believe that the Nifty will go up to 9 300 only I am saying that due to the meeting of the Federal Reserve, there will be volatility in the market, so that the investor will panic and book profit, so keep the watch and wait situation in the market.. And after the Fedral meeting is over, if the market stays in the pleasure level, then you can position ahead and apply it. After today's rally, there will be a SectorWise rally in the market, so investors invest in every sector and take advantage.

This rally could be seen on Monday too but the market was closed because it was on that day due to this, the market will open today and it will touch its new level.Most of the zoom will come in Infrastructure and banking shares, So Investor Will Take the Position of the Infrastructure and Banking Share. ou can love me less than what you have drawn in the village, how many years the market is going to get high and when it was threatened in the market, it is going to happen two years later, Invester will be Happy for this move .

Because the investor was waiting for this day Which is going to happen today

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