Thursday, 2 March 2017

Today NIfty will cross the 9000 level ?

DSR Broking - Nifty will cross the 9000 it is a big question , Yes today nifty will open  9000 level it this most proverbially share gose to US stock market . Today US market has make a multi year high . Means US market had make 300 point up on trading session all the investor will make a money in stock market at this time . That why the nifty will opening at 9000 level . it will show on SGX nifty .

Notes  - All the ques will positive for our market  

  • Globe market will make multi year high 
  • All news will positive for stock market  . Who invest in market make money on it .
  • Fed reserve will hike the rates , probability May be or not ?

   But all ques will positive for globe stock market or                                     India stock market

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