Thursday, 15 June 2017


DSR Broking 

Crude oil - Sell 2880 TGT Made at 2850 - 2830 SL Above 2910

R1 - 2912                  S1 - 2833 
R2 - 2925                  S2 - 2820
R3 - 2945                  S3 - 2800

Trend updated for-Jun/15/2017.CMP-2873 Overall trend of the Crudeoil is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Crudeoil is in strong downtrend and the trend is supported with good volume The open interest is not increasing with trend . Noting point is selling at lower levels seems decreasing. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Crudeoil is in SELL position and closed below 1 month low with volume signals down breakout.Positionally Immediate support for Crudeoil is 2852.Resistance for the Crudeoil is 3022-3084-3137-3186-3223-3319-

Short term and Intraday Level of CRUDEOIL

Crudeoil and closed below 1 week low with volume signals down breakoutCurrently Crudeoil is in HOLD LONG position Crudeoil is in sideways but the trend looks weak so better buy above 3015.0 or hold with stop at 2863.0 The Crudeoil is now trading is approaching oversold level. The oscillator is on BUY Signal and Crudeoil is recovering from oversold level
Intraday Trend- Sell if open below 2833.9 with stop loss at 2912.3 or sell below 2800.5Buy is not advised till it cross 2945.8
Intraday Resistance of CRUDEOIL are 2905.9 : 2938.8 : 2993.4 : 2954 : 2965.3
Intraday Support of CRUDEOIL are 2840.1 : 2807.2 : 2752.6 : 2793.2 : 2782.2

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